Side Dishes! This is one area of the keto diet that can quickly become a hard task! One of my keto struggles in the beginning was that I was getting tired of eating the same side dishes over and over again. Meats are the easy part, but finding delicious side dishes that are also low in carbs is definitely a task. I mean there’s only so much salad one person can eat, right?! Here is a simple riced cauliflower dish that only calls for a few ingredients and is so easy to make! I hope you enjoy it!



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  1. Chop up your green onions and separate the whites from the greens.
  2. Place your coconut oil into a medium sized sauce pan on medium high heat.
  3. Once your oil is heated, add in the whites of your onions and sautee until soft.
  4. Add your frozen riced cauliflower to the pan and cook until it begins to soften.
  5. Mix in your curry powder and coconut milk.
  6. Let your riced cauliflower cook until most of the liquid from the coconut milk has evaporated.
  7. Garnish with the greens from your onions and ENJOY!


  • 179
  • 13g
  • 9g
  • 4g
  • 5g
  • 6g